Fiver DIY

Looking for a fun first step into the world of business that can be delivered by teachers or led by the young people themselves or just a way to kickstart ideas ahead of the Fiver Challenge in June 2022?

Fiver DIY is a fun way for pupils (5-11) to imagine what business they could create with just a £5 note whether at home or at school.

During the project pupils will use the workbook to complete activities such as creating a business name and logo, doing market research, planning their products/service and finishing with writing and presenting a sales pitch to someone in their house.

Fiver DIY can be used as a stand-alone project or as a way for students to kick start their business ideas so they are ready for the Fiver Challenge come June.

How does it work?

During the project students work through the guide and templates provided to create, research, plan and then pitch a business. The project is designed to be completed with minimal supervision and we have provided all the resources you need for your students to take part, including the:

  • Fiver DIY Workbook
  • Word guide
  • Top tips for Logos
  • Remote Market Research Survey Template
  • Top tips for parents
  • Fiver DIY Checklist

Why get involved?

Fiver DIY helps pupils to develop key skills, including:

  • Creativity
  • Communication – written and verbal
  • Planning and organisation
  • Problem solving
  • Commercial awareness

Once they complete the workbook and activities, they even get a participation certificate to celebrate their achievement!

In 2020 over 37,000 young people completed the Fiver DIY project across the UK so why not register today and take a look!

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